Bloons Supermonkey 2 App Reviews

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Great game

When I started this game I was amazed. When things get hard I delete the game and restart, it’s called prestige. It’s a great game. I love it.

Not iPhoneX comparable?

Add iPhoneX screen compatibility then it’ll be 5 stars.


Can't explain in words how good this game is.

Good But gets stale

When I first got it I grinder but it slowly gets repetitive and not enough levels. Once u do all the level it’s gets boring but at the start is very fun!

Great game, amazing customer service!

I have been playing this game for a while now, and I really enjoy it. It is extremely fun and enjoyable to play. The Ninja Kiwi customer service is also really great. I lost all my progress for some reason, emailed customer service, and they gave my stuff back in just a few hours!

Open more levels!

I’ve got a handful of silver levels, 12 diamond, and the rest gold! I just finished level 100 and I’m going back to update Dr Monkey to get more diamond but I would really enjoy playing new levels! Hoping for an update soon! 💜


This game is awesome but out of no where it just deletes all my data, I had max everything except in the hurricane Monkey. And that’s why I’m deleting it now because i am not doing all that again!

Great game with huge drawback

I love ninja kiwi games. I thought this would be now different. I played constantly for about two weeks and made it really far before it crashed and started me over. After sighing and cursing my luck (these things happen sometimes) I started over. Couple weeks. Got almost back where I was and it happened again. At this point I’ve spent a month playing the game with nothing to show for it and can’t bring myself to keep being disappointed and frustrated. That being said...excellent game that got me to start over. Mechanics are good and is very addicting.

Love this game.

This game rocks! Reminds me of playing 1942 on my old cell phone. I would love to see an update for left handed players! The option to move the abilites and squad swapping selections from the bottom left to the bottom right would be great!


This game you should definitely get. The difficulty is perfect. The game has many stages that you can get past.

Needs more frequent updates

Fun game but they need to update the game more often

Have accounts connected loss saved data

I was really far and I just opened the app up and all my progress is lost please fix using iPhone 8 Plus

Love it! Needs an update.

The game is super fun and at the same time challenging. I've been addicted it to it for two weeks now. The bosses can be brutal until you figure out which power ups to use and which powers to use on them. Some levels give you more red/blue bloons than others so keep up tabs so you can use your gold rush and treasure chest to rake them both in. Those 2 power ups on level 70 got me over a million bloons of both red/blue combined. Please make more levels soon!

Bloptinite is trash

Ok so I was having a lot of fun with this game until around 57 because bloptinite just came out of now where and slowed me down and tbh it's really annoying. You should just have a setting that lets you turn it on and off. Otherwise the game is pretty fun

Steps on how to grind blops.

Step 1: equip any weapon good with crowd control. Step 2: use 2 power ups: gold rush, and explosive shots. Step 3: go to stage 50 where you fight the 4 armed golem. Step 4: ??? Step 5: PROFIT!!!


What an absolutely amazing game!!! Satisfies all my sensory needs. Also very well built; no crashes and runs flawlessly. I love it!!

Great Game!

Five stars!

Good game

I liked the first BSM and was interested when I saw BSM2 here for free. The basic mechanics are still there, with new bloon types (Glass Bloons as a weakness to Lasers) and other hazards (Bloptonite in later levels). Bloon patterns are interesting and lead to varying strategies in weapons and powerups to manage gold or diamond medals. Some are complaining of the difficulty of obtaining red blops, but it's really not hard. Just either follow the bloon beacon for random red blop'd levels or use Red/Gold Rush powerups to get them where they're plentiful. Gold Rush + Hidden Treasure gives a 16x multiplier that can give over 500k blops of each type on the right levels! And that's not even considering the 30x multiplier if the powerups were maxed out. You don't need the IAP, it's not worth your time. Even videos aren't worth it at all. Just play the game more! After just a few days I've got Ice Monkey on a full loadout (ice/magic arms, ice body) and am working on Super Monkey's (full laser build), and I'm quite happy with how I'm progressing.

This is a great game but can you please make the screen comp

I love this game but can you please please please make the screenplay compatible with the iPhone X that would make the game sooo much better for x users thx

Game has no sound (ios 11.3)

This game Bloons superMonkey 2 has no sound on my iphone running IOS 11.3.


Well, of course, like most games, it’s pretty fun at first, but then gets more boring as you go on. Not REALLY fast, but kind of fast. This game is alright, eventually it gets kind of overly hard for some levels, (now, challenges are fun, but sometimes just plain annoying and more of a chore to do. However, this game isn’t really a chore to play, so I guess that’s a good sign) which means it’s a challenge you can’t beat, but it’s not a fun challenge. (But it’s not an annoying one either, just in between) Also, I think the characters style in looks... looks really stupid. Seriously, it makes the game look like it was designed for 5 year olds. (Of course, that doesn’t really affect gameplay, but...) also I have experienced crashes before, (iPad mini 2) but I suppose that’s not the end of the world, because due to the crazy stuff that happens in this game with bloons everywhere along with those little orb things... it’s to be expected. So if you have a device that has around the same amount of RAM as my iPad, (or under) be expecting crashes. Most of these complaints I find pretty minor, but others might not, i dunno, but time for my biggest problem: (and it’s not a huge problem, but it’s the main reason why i decided to make this review. I hardly even thought of the other problems when making this, I just put them in this as I went along. But this is basically the complaint that made this only 3 stars) when you begin in this game, you have one monkey. You play as the super monkey, upgrading and popping bloons. And then, you unlock another monkey. An Ice super monkey. Now, i get it, the devs want it to vary in gameplay experience, but it’s just plain annoying to play with multiple monkeys. Why? You have to upgrade them both, which, of course, reduces your speed of upgrading. And then, you don’t know when to use which monkey in a level. Now you can switch which monkey in the middle of a level, but that doesn’t work too well. Now then, once I got the lightning super monkey, things just got more confusing. So really it’s just too much stuff, and too much choices. Thanks for reading this long review. However, over all I think I just quit because i got bored of it. (But the flaws helped me get bored faster!) so I don’t really have much of an excuse for these complaints, if you think about it, but hey, i still have a problem with them regardless, so it’s fine! 4/10 a great concept, with many slight flaws

It's worth the price.

It's not the most outstanding game I've ever played, but it's definitely made by credible people, and I shows. It's a good game that can seem slow at times, but eventually speeds back up with the upgrade systems that the Bloons games are so famous for.

Worst than 1st version

BSM 2 are not as fun compare to the first. The addition of others monkey and new bosses are good. But the new powers are all pretty much useless. I don’t understand y they didnt keep the epic activation on the side of the screen like they had the powers up. Having activated floating along is making it difficult to use for one, hard to track when playing on the one, thus lessen the enjoyment. The new powers are horrible compare to the first version. I miss that super monkey. Lol

Keep Playable

This game is honestly amazing I played it for so long and even restarted but now I’ve gotten to he end with silver on every single level at least. After completing level 100 though it is an amazing surprise unlocking doctor monkey as a playable character and is invincible when it comes to bloptonite. Now that I’ve beaten the game my objective is to try to get gold on all levels and but as much upgrades as I really can but it is now so hard to get red blops. There is the beacon that allows you to get it on certain levels but that’s really inefficient. I’ve also used all my red and gold rushes on level 77 as I’ve found it to give me the most blops. Getting red blops now is a huge struggle and I think it would be great if you added a way to play levels with a lot more red blops. Thank You.

Amazing. One issue

This game is absolutely amazing. Great for wasting time if you’re stuck with nothing to do. My only issue is that the squad swap button that appears bottom left during a game, is too small for me. I often find myself missing the first or second time I try to hit it. An option to change the size of it would be beautiful.

Your amazing

This is the best game ever

Awesome game

I think this is a awesome game and a great time killer but I think you should be able to have all three super monkeys in a squad at once other wise it’s awesome

I'm having fun!

I really like this game. I get to deliver mass bloonstruction with incredibly powerful weapons. Currently waiting for the release of the final section of Helium Heights, into the volcano, to level 100. Meanwhile, I'm upgrading all of my monkeys, and currently have everything for the Super and Ice Monkeys, and am working on Storm. I'm also ranking up powerups to make them even more potent. I don't use the activated powerups, simply because they are one use. If they had a cooldown like the Epic weapons, then I'd probably use them more. The two constant powerups I don't use are the Invisibility Cloak and Phase Scanner, simply because I prefer to burn the bloons down, and a different powerup could help with that. Though I might use them when going for Diamond. Something clever you did when I used Singeing Shots and Sticky Shots together. Sticky Shots becomes corrosive and does damage by itself when it reaches rank 4, but stacking it with Singeing Shots makes it that instead of regular glue and fire, it looks like corrosive glue. Maybe there could be 3 more monkeys, each with a weapon type replacing the other 3 original weapon types. The Super Monkey is the base monkey, with the 5 weapon types from the original flash version of this game. The Ice Monkey has the Ice weapon replacing the Dart weapon. The Storm Monkey has the Storm weapon replacing the Magic weapon type. I have the same basic weapon setup for each monkey, with a Magic left arm, a Bomb right arm, and Dart core, replacing the Magic and Dart with Storm and Ice on their respective monkeys. The change in weapon slightly alters how it works compared to the Super Monkey. Having a monkey replacing each weapon type once would really be interesting. I only have an idea for a replacement for the Bomb weapon, being the Fire Monkey. Fire weapons would probably have significant trouble against MOAB-Class bloons, in exchange for no weaknesses. And a bonus of the fact that the next section of Helium Heights is at a volcano makes this more likely to be added first compared to the replacements of the Rang and Energy weapons.

Great free game.

I’ve put a lot of down time into this. I’ve golds on every level, and almost everything maxed out. When is the next update coming out?? Another issue I have is now I’ve 100% research completed and over 7 million blue blops that I have no use for. A blop exchange would be cool. Or maybe use them to buy power ups. Please just update a way so I can use my millions of blue blops!

Great game

Love this game, thank you for adding more levels!! Now something challenging again!

Too much green slow goo

Overall fun game, but the levels with the green slow goo are horrible. There is way too much, often absolutely impossible to avoid, and it never goes away. Why is it permanent for the level? Sure you can switch monkeys, but when that one also get gooed up you’re screwed! WHY?!?


Me like

Good game!

Complete flip of what I said previously? Yes, but I figured out what was screwing up, so now I’ll say what I have to say about this game. It’s good, the difficulty is proportionately scaled, and there isn’t any real paywall. I’ve put $20 in after buying this game in the time I’ve played this since day 1, just one purchase, and I can say: it wasn’t really worth it! I mean, there really wasn’t much point to buy the $20 red blop pack. You can easily earn the blops, red or blue, just by playing through an old level a few times or using the experiments to gather around 20k red or blue blops. And I have to say the addition of Bloontonium to slow you down is an interesting concept that I find to add a good challenge to your play style.


I like how you put boss bloons in here. You put Dreadbloon in and I was all for it. Thank you!

Lost everything after I updated

I lost everything I’ve ever done on the game once I updated it and I’m not able to get my stuff back because I never signed into Facebook the first day I got it. I loved the game before the incident but I’m giving one star because of this incident. If you read this please help me get my stuff back I had all the laser upgrades on both right and left even the epics and a whole other stuff. Please if you read this help me get my stuff back.


Makes zero sense why you can’t use your stored blops or whatever or even watch an ad, to buy power ups in the store. I spent money to buy the game and have real bills to pay. If you wanted more money from the consumer then you should have charged more for the game like every single other game on the Apple store. The purchaser shouldn’t have to keep filling out money for small features.


Good game no lag fun


Hella good

Great game but...

Overall great game however it seems the timing is off in the rounds. It’s as if once you get a good power up to use it takes forever for new Bloons to appear. If this is fixed then it would be a 5 Star game.

Very upset

Very fun game but was under the impression that you would use the same monkey for every level. I had put $55 into the game and all for what.... to not be able to use that “monkey” again in the next levels. Very upsetting to me and refuse to continue to play.

Awesome, loving it. Just one thing

Please optimize for the iPhone X, the black bars at the top and bottom are atrocious. Other than that i’m more addicted than i was to candy crush

Nice game

I do enjoy the game, very fun and addictive. BUT I HAVE TO ASK, IVE TRIED EVERYTHING TO GET PAST LEVEL 82!!! HOW DO YOU BEAT THAT BOSS!!??!!?? (Haha) All things considered, I keep trying and upgrading and playing. Thank you for a great game




I have been playing the flash version for 3 years now and for a year I was hoping for a mobile version! Everything about this game is amazing the graphics, upgrades, more levels, more bosses everything!!! Thanks for making such an amazing game

A Breath of Fresh Air

With many big games turning to the IAP bait and switch dark side, BSM2 is quite enjoyable and more than worth its price tag. However, I will advise staying away from IAPs; they are not necessary in any way. Whilst most games in this day and age lull you into a false sense of security in the beginning, then spikes in difficulty to make you instinctively shell out $, BSM2 is moderately challenging all the way through, with enough difficulty to feel great upon taking down that boss you’ve been struggling with, yet not so hard as to infuriate the average 12 year old playing Minecraft and eating Doritos into stealing their parents credit card info. Even if the game is aimed towards children, I enjoyed it all the same. You’ve done well NK, Good game.

Is good


Very addictive and fun 😀😀😀😀

I have been on this game non stop since 2 days ago and I have to say that I should have played this game waaay back when I had Tim because I would love to spend a crap ton of my time playing this game

Needs Work

The game is really fun but it gets extremely hard after the first few levels and then the game requires so much grinding that I felt like this game was getting boring, please lower the amount of grinding you have to do in the game.

Good game but I cant download

I pla6 this game Avery Day but I did not mean to delete it a i can’t download it again

Great game but the new lvls

It’s a great game but I can’t get past level 75 even with my maxed out energy core the rock shield that he uses makes him impossible to destroy besides that 5 stars

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